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About Us

With several years of experience working with residential renovations and improvements, we noticed that the market is standardized with everyone supplying the same level of craftsmanship.

Based on that idea, we identified the need for someone to excel that level of work in every way possible.
Thus, we decided to dedicate ourselves to this market, by supplying customized carpentry work and solving problems that many are not willing to solve.

We propose to provide exclusive support and flexibility for each of our projects.
Our team consists of qualified professionals with many years of experience in finish carpentry, cabinetry, closet design, structural carpentry, tile installation and much more.

I addition, we are always looking for new knowledge and improvements to our work, so our production is faster and better with a focus on final quality.


Our vision is to continue the process of self-improvement and innovation so that in each project we build, it exceeds the client’s expectations. And for this to happen we count on with the skills and quality of our team, because with the dedication of each one the final result is always best possible.


We and our team strives to provide the best carpentry hiring services for all the projects we work on. To achieve this, we follow some great ideals. These values permeate 100% of our operations and our goal is to stand out in:

  • Communication
  • Partnership
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Quality

Every project we dedicate total attention, we manufacture with affection and dedication as if we were doing it in our own home.

If you find alignment with our values and want to work with or even for a carpentry contractor who really cares about their impact on your customers’ lives, get in touch with Chestnut Custom Carpentry.

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